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08 Jan 2014 | Rock

Al Barrow

Al Barrow
Birth name
Alan Barrow

Barrow joined Magnum in 2001 after he was a member of Hard Rain, a group formed by Magnum members, Bob Catley and Tony Clarkin, while activities around Magnum was set on pause. Officially the band was split, but made a comeback in 2001 with their album. Breath of Life.

Barrow not only plays bass guitar, but also has an interest in design and photography. With his company Generic Designs, he has designed album covers for Magnum and several other artists worldwide. Two Magnum albums, Breath of Life and Brand New Morning, both have had covers designed by Barrow.

Before joining Magnum, Barrow performed as a session musician, both playing bass and as a backing vocalist. He had his own band, Sahara Darc, and planned to re-record some of the songs he wrote in the 1990s. Barrow is an endorsee for Warwick basses and amplifiers. He has two brothers, Rob and Scott (who are both drummers) and a sister Sue, who is a singer. He married his longtime girlfriend Rachael Wilkinson in October 2006.