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08 Jan 2014 | Rock

Allan Atkins

Allan Atkins
Birth name
Allan Atkins
Birmingham, UK

Al started out in 60’s fronting bands like THE BITTA SWEET on the club circuits of Britain opening up for artists like ROD STEWART, CAT STEVENS and DAVID BOWIE.

He started leaning more towards the heavier side of rock and eventually formed JUDAS PRIEST in 1969.

The band was very successful and this was a big learning curve for all the musicians, building a new future for metal music. They for so many bands like BLACK SABBATH, STATUS QUO, SLADE and THIN LIZZY.

In May 73′ Allan left the band and his next band was called LION. They toured up and down the motorways of the UK playing alongside some great artists and even riding through the punk explosion and opening for the SEX PISTOLS.

The early 80’s saw Allan come off the road to concentrate more on song writing and eventually he recorded two solo albums for Berlin, Germany called JUDGEMENT DAY and DREAMS of AVALON.

He later recorded HEAVY THOUGHTS solo album for the original JUDAS PRIEST label Gull Records and then in 98′ the VICTIM of CHANGES album with’ Priest’ drummer DAVE HOLLAND which was my most successful album to date pushing big sales Worldwide.

During the recording of my next album DEMON DECEIVER which featured no less than seven guest guitarists like Brian Tatler(DIAMOND HEAD) , Simon Lees(BUDGIE), Bernie Torme(OZZY,GILLAN) and Michael de Jager (The CORE).

Allan was asked to tour the East Coast of USA with former IRON MAIDEN guitarist, DENNIS STRATTON and Jess Cox (ex TYGERS of PANTANG)  – the band was called the ‘NWOBHM ALL STARS’.

Allan formed a band called the HOLY RAGE and also finished off the album, the line up of the band was with friends and musicians that Allan had met over the years like Mike De Jager(guitar), Pete Emms (bass), Mick Hales(drums) and someone who would be my best buddie Chris Johnson (guitar).

The line up changed over the years except for Chris who has stuck by me through thick and thin and we had some memorable gigs like playing with SKID ROW, BLAZE BAILEY and GRAHAM BONNET in Hollywood. The band also recorded a self titled album HOLY RAGE.

In 2011, Allan took a break from the band to record an incredible album called SERPENTS KISS with Christian metal guitarist PAUL MAY. Paul also helped Allan record all my early recordings so it was great to playing together again. The duo was called it the ATKINS/MAY PROJECT and signed with Rob Ayling and Gonzo Multimedia.

In 2013, Paul May and Allan released our second album titled ‘Valley of Shadows’ and again saw this one reach high acclaim and high world wide sales enough for our record company to ask for a third, so 2014/5 we will be releasing again.